Get Involved

Kairos Hope is always looking for people who have a heart for our ministry and want to help. Below is an updated list of things we need help with. There are various projects to do, supplies that need donated, or activities. Please check back often to see the new needs that our ministry has.

Below is a detailed list of everything we need to furnish the house. If you are able to fill one of these needs, please email us at so that we can get the item(s) from you or schedule a time for you to drop them off. If you would like to donate money for the purchase of one of the items, email us and we can give you a cost. Every Item donated helps us provide quality care to residents completely free of charge. However, keep in mind that we want to show the girls that they are valuable by the quality of the home. Therefore, items need to be in good or new shape. We are not accepting clothing donations.


  1. Cleaning Supplies

  2. Paper

  3. Office Supplies

  4. Hand/Dish Soap

  5. Tampons/Pads

  6. Notebooks and School Supplies

  7. OTC Medications: Midol, Pain Relief Medication, Melatonin, Allergy Relief, Sunscreen, Bug Spray

Living Room

  1. Executive Desk Chair

  2. Desk Lamp

  3. 8x10 or 9x11 rug in a Neutral solid color


  1. Armoire

  2. Bed Sheets (neutral colors, twin, new)


  1. 30 gallon Rolling Trash Can

  2. Pyrex Containers

  3. Serving Cart

  4. Electric Can Opener

  5. Air Fryer

Dining Room

  1. Silverware (Service for 24)

  2. Push broom

  3. 2 Regular brooms


  1. 3 Small Matching Bathroom Trashcans with lids

Laundry Room

  1. 1ft x 1ft plastic Shower Caddies

  2. Laundry Bags