Kairos Collective 

Who Is The Collective

The Kairos Collective are trained individuals who are equipped to fill in as staff at Kairos Hope. These women help keep the house running smoothly, mentor the young women in our program, lead Bible studies, and get to be a part of the women's healing journey. All collective members are considered volunteer staff and are trained in trauma and recovery before starting. Kairos Collective members help alleviate the load that the Kairos Staff have and give the women more interaction with the community.

Who Qualifies

Kairos Collective Responsibilities

Participate in one day Kairos provided Trauma and Recovery Training.

Guide residents through the daily schedule.

Communicate with staff and director any concerns or praises that you notice while serving at the home.

Help fill in when there is a need and share of your gifts and talents.

How To Join

Email us at info@kairoshope.org