Counseling Program

All counseling done at Kairos Hope is done by a licensed mental health counselor that is on our staff. Residents Receive an hour of counseling each week, group counseling*, and 24/7 support from staff members.

Our counseling model combines biblical principles of Christ's power to transform lives with clinical interventions. As part of the model, six truth statements guide the process.

  • Healing Is Possible

  • You are Valuable

  • The Past Does Not Define You

  • You Can Overcome

  • People Are There for You

  • Your Future is Bright

Counselors work with residents to:

  • Identify the root causes for destructive behavior.

  • Equip residents with the life skills and the ability to permanently avoid destructive behaviors.

  • Provide accountability to residents while they are in the program.

  • Provide each resident with individualized, holistic care based on each resident’s needs.

  • Residents also participate in group counseling on a weekly basis.

  • Encourage the resident to take responsibility and make choices to move forward.