What To Expect

Inpatient Counseling Program

Recovering from trauma is not a small task, therefore, our team is here to partner with you on your journey. However, this is a program with strict expectations to help push you to grow and heal. Therefore, be sure to review this entire page, the manual, and documents you are given throughout the intake process to make an informed decision about coming to the program.

The Daily Schedule


7am Wake Up call

7:30 Morning Walk (Optional)

8am Breakfast

Counseling Assignments and Homework Time (common areas)

10am Bible Study

11am Life Skill Time

12 Lunch

Work/School/ counseling/ Chores (may be done in room)

2pm Recreation (move for 30 minutes independently)

5pm Dinner

Rest and Refresh Time

7pm Bible Study

8pm 30 min quiet time (journal, read, pray, ect)

8:30 Hot tea time and reflection

9pm Bedroom time

10pm Lights out


10am Wake up call

10:30 morning yoga workout

11am big breakfast

Rest and Refresh Time

2pm light lunch

3pm Outdoor time (1hr, weather permitting, do something active indoors)

Rest and Refresh Time

6pm dinner

8:30 Hot tea time and reflection

11pm Lights out


7am Wakeup Call

8am Breakfast

8:30am Head to church

9:30am Sunday School

10:45am Church

12pm Lunch

1pm Group Recap Time

Rest and Refresh Time

5pm Dinner

Rest and Refresh Time

8pm Resident Led Devotional

8:30pm Hot Tea and Reflection

9pm Bedroom Time

10pm Lights Out

Residents are required to participate in all activities. We understand that anxiety and depression may make this hard but healing comes through doing hard things.


At Kairos Hope, we want to create an environment that is safe and stable for everyone who walks in our doors. Therefore, we have a set of rules and routines that are in place to ensure this. All residents must abide by the rules in the handbook and those posted throughout the house. Staff have the final say.

  1. All residents and staff members should treat all people and the house with respect, dignity, and value.

  2. Residents are to follow the instructions of staff members

  3. Residents are required to participate in all program expectations

  4. No physical violence towards staff, residents, or volunteers will be tolerated

  5. Residents are responsible for their actions and words

  6. Residents may not leave the property without staff permission. Doing so may result in termination from the program

  7. Residents are to report to the medic or staff member on duty in case of a medical issue

  8. Residents are responsible for informing a staff member if they are struggling with thoughts of suicide

  9. Residents are to complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner (This includes assignments, chores, consequences, or any other expectations you have)

  10. Residents are not to form romantic or inappropriate relationships with any residents, staff, or volunteers of Kairos Hope.

  11. Residents are not to enter another residents’ bedroom at any time without staff permission. Residents are expected to be in common areas except for designated times.

  12. Residents are to maintain good personal hygiene at all times

  13. Residents are not to change in their room. Residents use bathroom stalls or changing areas. Residents must be fully clothed at all times

  14. Residents are not to use profanity or display gang symbols

  15. Residents are to keep their rooms tidy and collect their belongings from the home each evening and store it in their designated areas.

  16. Residents are not to discuss their trauma and life-controlling issues with other residents. Your journey is your own.

  17. Residents are to respect Kairos Hope property at all times

  18. Residents are not to partake in any drugs, alcohol, or any illegal activities while in the program, both at the home and on pass.

  19. Residents are not permitted to drive any vehicle owned by Kairos Hope

Community Living

While at Kairos Hope, you will be living in community living. Therefore, residents may have up to 3 roommates. Additionally, privacy is limited. The house is a shared space so all residents are expected to help keep the place clean and tidy. Residents are not here to make friends. Those who focus on their own healing journey rather than other residents will see greater improvement.


Counseling is provided by a licensed therapist who is trained in EMDR therapy and Traumatology. Outside counseling is not permitted. Residents will participate in weekly individual counseling and group counseling while in the program. Additionally, residents will be assigned homework and readings to help them in their journey.


All meals during your stay will be provided and prepared on-site by the staff team. If you have any dietary restrictions, please notify our staff prior to entry so that we can accommodate you appropriately. At this time, we cannot accommodate for food preferences, only medically necessary needs. In addition to these mealtimes, healthy snack options are provided. We focus on balance; therefore, meal portions are enforced to help residents in their food journey. For safety reasons, no food or other consumable items may be brought to the program. The use of Food Stamps are prohibited in the program.

Electronics and Visitors

At Kairos Hope, residents are not allowed to have any electronics. Residents will turn in their electronics upon arriving and they will be double locked in a safe location. You will have access to our phones on-site during scheduled call times once a week. Your family can call and leave a message, and our staff will give you the message as soon as possible. We recommend that patients write down phone numbers that they will need during their stay. We recommend you set up vacation voicemails to inform potential callers that you will be unable to answer their calls at this time. Computer time will be allotted for necessities.

Residents are allowed to have a weekend out once a month after 30 days. These weekends are to be spent with safe people. Residents must stay within a 60 mile radius of the facility. Family and friends may tour the home but cannot stay there for the visit time.


Residents are required to find their own transportation to enter our program. Kairos Hope cannot go more than 30 miles to pick a resident up. If a resident drives themselves, they are required to turn in their keys and submit to having their vehicle checked if there is any suspicions. The residents in our home are inpatient and therefore, they are not going out on their own. Residents will go on outings regularly such as walks, concerts, church events, and community activities. Residents are required to stay in a group while out and not wander off. Leaving the property without permission will result in immediate termination from the program.

Drugs and Detox

Kairos Hope is not a medical detox facility. Residents must be clean from all illegal substances for 6 months before coming into our program. Residents are not allowed to use recreational substances while in our program (Vapes, smoking, weed, and alcohol). Residents may get on nicotine patches if needed but this must be established before entry. All residents must turn in their prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins to the medical station upon arrival. These will be given to the resident according to the doctor's note on file.

Work and School

Residents may be permitted to work or attend school while in the program. However, this is not a guarantee. All residents are not to work for the first 30 days. If you are interested in working or attending school, discuss this during the intake process.

Exit Policy

Residents in our program must voluntarily come and decide to put themselves here to work on their healing. Therefore, residents who find that this is not a good fit for them are welcome to leave the program at any time. Kairos Hope is not responsible for providing transportation or transition for anyone exiting the program. Residents that decide to leave have 24 hours to leave after the decision is made.

Residents who are unable to meet expectations or who are disruptive to the program will be required to leave the program. Program removal is decided on by the review team. In the case of a resident who breaks a severe behavioral standard or breaks their probation, a client may be given up to a 24-hour notice of termination. Kairos Hope is not responsible for providing transportation or transition for anyone exiting the program.

When a resident completes the program, a small graduation is held in her honor. At this graduation, the resident is encouraged to invite her family and friends to come to her graduation and she shares her story of healing with them, the current residents, and staff. Before a resident is eligible to graduate there are a few steps that need to be in place. First, the home manager, counselor, and review team will collaborate to best choose when the resident is fit to graduate. The residents are not given an end date when they come into the program but rather that date is given to her when it seems suitable, which will typically be when she needs the information to finish transitional care. Transitional care is a system set in place to ensure that our residents have a leg up when they leave the program. Before a resident can leave, they must have identified a church to attend, found an accountability partner, have a place to live, and have a plan for work (or return to school). The transitional care manager will help guide the residents through the process of ensuring those 4 things. If any issues arise, the resident’s graduation day may be pushed back so that the resident can finish establishing them.

After graduation, the home manager will continue to follow the graduates journey and check in with them and their established accountability partner to encourage lifelong change.

Residents can request to fill out the graduation application at any time to be reviewed by the board if they feel that the staff are overlooking them. Typically staff initiate the graduation process but in rare cases the resident may do so.


Residents are required to bring $150 with them before entering the program. If you do not have this, one can work small jobs, fundraise, or contact local resources to get this. These funds and any other funds are turned in at entry time. This money is your own and can be checked out for necessitates. If a resident enters without these funds, they will not be allowed to stay. This $150 is used for copays, hygiene necessities, and unexpected expenses. At the end of your time at Kairos Hope, you will receive all unused funds back.

Residents are required to have insurance before coming to Kairos Hope. Kairos Hope does not bill insurance, but you must have it to cover your personal medical expenses.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed at Kairos Hope. Any prohibited items will be confiscated upon entry and held in a safe place. They will be returned upon exit

  • "Sharps" (includes tweezers, nail clippers, razors, knives, metal, or glass)

  • Products that contain alcohol

  • Electronics

  • Cash or Items of value

  • Illegal Items or Substances (These will be turned into local authorities)