Program Details

Residential Counseling Program

Recovering from trauma is not a small task, therefore, our team is here to partner with you on your journey. However, this is a program with strict expectations to help push you to grow and heal. Therefore, be sure to review this entire page, the manual, and documents you are given throughout the intake process to make an informed decision about coming to the program.

The Daily Schedule


7am Wake Up call

7:30 Morning Walk (Optional)

8am Breakfast

Counseling Assignments and Homework Time (common areas)

10am Bible Study

11am Chores

12 Lunch

Work/School/ counseling/ Chores (may be done in room)

5pm Dinner

6pm Family Worship

7:30pm Quiet Time

8pm Evening Routine

9pm Bedroom time

10pm Lights out


10am Wake up call

10:30 morning yoga workout

11am big breakfast

Rest and Refresh Time

2pm light lunch

3pm Outdoor time (1hr, weather permitting, do something active indoors)

Rest and Refresh Time

6pm dinner

8:30  Hot tea time and reflection

11pm Lights out


7am Wakeup Call

8am Breakfast

8:30am Head to church

9:30am Sunday School

10:45am Church

12pm Lunch

Rest and Refresh Time

5pm Family Dinner

Rest and Refresh Time

6pm Resident Led Devotional

9pm Bedroom Time

10pm Lights Out

Residents are required to participate in all activities. We understand that anxiety and depression may make this hard but healing comes through doing hard things. 


At Kairos Hope, we want to create an environment that is safe and stable for everyone who walks in our doors. Therefore, we have a set of rules and routines that are in place to ensure this. All residents must abide by the rules in the handbook and those posted throughout the house. Staff have the final say.

Community Living

During your stay at Kairos Hope, you will experience communal living with the possibility of having up to three roommates. It's important to note that privacy is limited as the house is a shared space, and all residents are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and orderliness. By emphasizing personal growth and healing, you can expect to achieve more significant progress during your time here.


At Kairos Hope, our counseling program is built upon six core principles: Healing Is Possible, You are Valuable, The Past Does Not Define You, You Can Overcome, People Are There for You, and Your Future is Bright. We are dedicated to guiding young women from a place of brokenness to transformative freedom in Christ, adhering to these principles throughout the counseling journey. While the counseling process varies for each individual, our licensed therapists are trained in evidence-based therapies, including EMDR, to provide in-depth trauma therapy and address any other therapy needs as required. We firmly believe in the potential for healing and growth, and our counseling approach aligns with our core principles to empower residents on their path to recovery and renewal.


During your stay with us, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy homemade meals prepared by our residents themselves, with guidance from our dedicated staff. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please inform our staff before your entry so we can make suitable accommodations. It's important to note that we can only accommodate medically necessary dietary needs, not individual food preferences. Alongside regular mealtimes, we offer a selection of wholesome snacks to promote a balanced diet. To support residents on their food journey, meal portions are regulated. For safety purposes, we kindly request that no outside food or consumable items be brought into the program. Additionally, the use of Food Stamps is not permitted within our program.

Electronics and Visitors

At Kairos Hope, our program promotes a technology-free environment to enhance your healing journey. Upon your arrival, we kindly request that you turn in all electronic devices, which will then be securely double-locked in a designated safe location. For communication needs, we provide access to on-site phones during scheduled call times once a week. Your family can leave messages, and our staff will promptly deliver them to you. To ensure you have important numbers on hand during your stay, we recommend recording them beforehand. Additionally, setting up vacation voicemail messages can help inform callers of your unavailability at this time.

We understand the importance of occasional computer use for essential tasks, and we will allocate specific times for this purpose.

As part of our program, residents have the opportunity for a weekend out once a month, starting after the initial 30 days. During these weekends, we encourage spending time with safe and supportive individuals. However, it's essential to remain within a 60-mile radius of our facility. While we welcome family and friends to tour our home, please note that overnight stays for visitors are not permitted during this time.


To join our program, residents are responsible for arranging their transportation to our facility. Kairos Hope has a transportation limit of 30 miles for pick-up services. If a resident opts to drive themselves, we kindly request they surrender their vehicle keys and be open to vehicle inspections if any concerns arise.

Our program is designed for inpatient care, emphasizing a supportive and structured environment. Residents do not have independent access to leave the premises without supervision. We encourage group outings, including walks, concerts, church events, and community activities, which are organized regularly. During these outings, residents are required to remain together as a group and avoid wandering off. Please note that leaving the property without prior permission will result in immediate termination from the program. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Drugs and Detox

At Kairos Hope, it's important to note that we do not operate as a medical detoxification facility. Therefore, residents are required to have maintained a drug-free status for a minimum of six months prior to entering our program. During their stay with us, residents are strictly prohibited from using recreational substances, which includes vaping, smoking, marijuana, and alcohol.

For those residents who require nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine patches, we accommodate this need, provided it has been established and approved prior to entry. We prioritize the well-being and health of our residents, and our medical staff assists in managing these situations.

Upon arrival, all residents are expected to surrender their prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins to our medical station. These items will be provided to residents according to the doctor's recommendations on file, ensuring safe and appropriate usage throughout their stay. This policy helps maintain a secure and monitored environment for everyone's benefit.

Work and School

At Kairos Hope, we recognize the significance of residents pursuing personal and educational goals as part of their healing journey. While we provide opportunities for residents to engage in various activities, including work and education, it's important to understand the specific guidelines and options available:

1. High School Equivalency (HISET): For residents who have not graduated from high school, we offer the opportunity to work towards earning a High School Equivalency Test (HISET) credential during their stay. Our goal is to support residents in achieving this important milestone.

2. University Enrollment: While our primary focus is on healing and personal growth, we understand that some residents may have prior university commitments. If you are currently enrolled in a university program and wish to continue your studies, please discuss this with your intake coordinator during the admission process. We will assess each case individually to determine the best approach.

3. Employment: Residents are not permitted to work during the initial 30 days of their program. After this initial period, the possibility of employment will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We aim to create a supportive environment that allows residents to balance their healing journey with personal and professional development.

Our commitment is to work closely with you to explore the opportunities that align with your unique circumstances and therapeutic needs, whether it's pursuing educational goals, participating in the HISET program, or considering employment. Together, we can create a plan that supports your growth and recovery at Kairos Hope.

Exit Policy

Voluntary Participation and Departure:

At Kairos Hope, we emphasize the voluntary nature of our program. Residents choose to embark on their healing journey with us, and they have the freedom to decide whether the program aligns with their needs. If a resident determines that our program is not the right fit for them, they are welcome to leave at any time. However, please note that Kairos Hope is not responsible for providing transportation or transition support for individuals leaving the program. Residents who decide to leave should plan to depart within 24 hours of making that decision.

Program Removal and Termination:

While we strive to create a supportive environment, residents who are unable to meet program expectations or engage in disruptive behavior may be required to leave. The decision for program removal is made by our review team, taking into account the best interests of all residents and the program as a whole. In cases where a resident violates a severe behavioral standard or probation terms, a 24-hour notice of termination may be issued. As with voluntary departures, individuals leaving the program are responsible for their own transportation and transition arrangements.

Graduation and Transitional Care:

Upon successfully completing our program, residents are celebrated with a graduation ceremony. This special event provides an opportunity for the resident to invite family and friends to share in their healing journey. Before a resident is eligible to graduate, several criteria must be met. The home manager, counselor, and review team collaborate to determine the most suitable timing for graduation, typically when the resident requires this information to proceed with transitional care. Transitional care is a vital phase that includes finding a church to attend, establishing an accountability partnership, securing housing, and planning for work or educational pursuits. Our transitional care manager guides residents through this process, ensuring they have a solid foundation for their post-program journey.

Ongoing Support:

Even after graduation, our commitment to residents continues. The home manager maintains regular communication with graduates, checking in on their progress and supporting their ongoing journey. We also encourage residents to express their interest in graduation at any time, and in some cases, staff may initiate the graduation process. Our goal is to ensure that residents receive the appropriate level of support and guidance as they work toward lasting positive change.


Prior to entering the program, residents are required to bring a sum of $150 with them. We understand that financial circumstances may vary, and residents are encouraged to explore options such as small jobs, fundraising, or seeking support from local resources to obtain this amount. Upon entry, residents are requested to turn in these funds. It's important to note that this money remains the resident's personal resource and can be accessed for essential needs during their stay. Please be aware that individuals entering the program without these funds will not be eligible to stay. The $150 is intended to cover copays, essential hygiene items, and unforeseen expenses. Upon completing your time at Kairos Hope, any unused funds will be returned to you.

Additionally, residents are required to have valid insurance coverage in place before their arrival at Kairos Hope. Kairos Hope will not bill your insurance for your stay. We do however, partner with a local agency to provide counseling. Insurance may be billed for counseling sessions. Residents will not be required to pay for mental health services without insurance.

Prohibited Items

At Kairos Hope, the safety and well-being of our residents are paramount. To ensure a secure and supportive environment, certain items are strictly prohibited within our premises. Please note that any prohibited items found will be collected upon your entry into our program and securely stored during your stay. These items will be returned to you when you exit our program.

Prohibited Items Include:

By adhering to these guidelines, we create a safe and supportive atmosphere that promotes healing and growth during your time at Kairos Hope.