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Residential Trauma Recovery Program

Kairos Hope's Residential Trauma Recovery Program provides a structured and supportive environment for adult women who have faced the devastating effects of sexual trauma and related challenges. Our program is carefully crafted to help survivors rebuild their lives with a strong focus on healing, empowerment, and practical skills development.

Important Notice: A Program Designed for Healing and Growth

At Kairos Hope, our program is designed to be a place of healing and growth for women who have experienced sexual trauma and related challenges. Please understand that we are not a crisis shelter, homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, or substance abuse recovery center. Our program is a commitment to personal growth and healing, rather than a temporary solution during a crisis.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of our program, applicants are required to meet certain criteria. This includes having a history of sexual trauma, being free from illegal substances, and having a stable living arrangement until entering the program. We appreciate your understanding of these important considerations as we work together to support your journey towards healing and wholeness.


Program Highlights:


1. Trauma History: Our program is designed to support adult women who have experienced sexual trauma or related challenges.

2. Substance Use: Applicants should be free from the use of illegal substances. We maintain a substance-free environment on our premises.

3. Safe Housing: It's important to have a secure and stable living arrangement in place before entering our program. We are not an emergency shelter and do not provide immediate crisis housing.

4. Commitment to Personal Growth: Kairos Hope's program is a dedicated commitment to self-improvement and healing. It is not intended as a temporary solution during times of crisis.

The Application Process

Intake Application

Virtual Interview

Paperwork Collection

Intake Review

At Kairos Hope, we understand that the journey to healing and transformation is a deeply personal and thoughtful process. Our intake process is comprehensive, and while we aim to expedite it, it can take multiple weeks to ensure that each prospective resident receives the careful attention and support they deserve. To discover valuable insights on navigating this process successfully, please refer to this guide:


How To Prepare For The Intake Process

1) Fill out the online application. Please answer each question honestly and fully. We are looking for applicants who are showing dedication to change. Therefore, those who put more time and effort into the application have a better chance of being accepted. Dishonesty will greatly harm your intake process.

2) After we receive your application, our intake coordinator will reach out to schedule a virtual interview. This interview will be done through the Zoom platform and the applicant is required to be on screen for this. In this interview, we will review the application, discuss important aspects of the program, and discuss the expectations that you will have while in the program. This is a formal interview and may be a panel of interviewers.

3) Applicants will be expected to have read the manual, which is on the application, and reviewed the "What to expect" page on our website. Doing so before the interview will help equip you for the questions. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to write down questions for their intake coordinator to discuss during the interview so that both parties have a full picture of the expectations. 

4) After the interview, the applicant will be required to collect a series of paperwork. An intake decision cannot be made before all paperwork is submitted. Therefore, the intake process length is dependent on the applicant's willingness to do the legwork of collecting paperwork.

5) After the paperwork is collected, the review team will evaluate the information and decide if it is a good fit. This decision is typically made within 3-5 business days after all paperwork is submitted. Applicants will then be contacted to discuss referral options or intake details. 

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