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Trauma Recovery Group- Monroe City

At Kairos Hope, we extend our commitment to healing through our outpatient trauma recovery groups. Led by a licensed therapist with expertise in trauma, these groups offer a transformative path to recovery. Our closed groups are carefully structured: participants apply, undergo a brief screening process, and are thoughtfully assigned to a group that aligns with their stage of recovery.

Our 8-week program unfolds over 2-hour sessions, providing a comprehensive healing journey. Group meetings encompass clinical counseling, integrated elements of art, music, and movement therapy, moments of personal reflection, and delightful snacks. Throughout, the focus remains on collectively addressing trauma, cultivating coping strategies, and triumphing over life-controlling challenges through a Christian worldview.

We are proud to offer this invaluable service completely free of charge, embodying our mission of healing and restoration. Our groups commence at various times throughout the year, with meetings hosted in Monroe City. 

 SIGN UP FORM. For questions, email us at info@kairoshope.org

Empower Your Organization with Kairos Hope's Tailored Trauma-Informed Programs

Kairos Hope proudly offers trauma-informed trainings and customized group sessions designed to equip organizations in their mission to support individuals navigating trauma. Led by a licensed therapist, an expert in trauma, our programs are thoughtfully adapted to meet the unique requirements of your group.

This versatile offering is ideal for organizations eager to enhance their trauma-informed approach, schools aiming to provide trauma group counseling for students, or shelters seeking to bolster their trauma-informed services. We are delighted to extend this service to organizations entirely free of charge.

Getting involved is simple. Reach out to us via email at info@kairoshope.org. The flexibility of our program ensures that we can tailor the group's location, start date, topics, duration, and focus to align perfectly with your needs. We even offer virtual services and web-based courses to accommodate your organization's specific requirements.

Join us in fostering a trauma-informed environment that empowers and uplifts individuals on their journey to healing and recovery.